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This wiki will be used to post student work and have it be peer edited for the Intensive Biology Darwin Times project.

The final product- the articles that are chosen- will be published to another website
The Darwin Times

What do I need to do?
Use the navigation bar at the left hand side of this page to choose the section of the newspaper that you are writing for. All students (as individuals or as a pair) need to write and post at least one article. You will post your article on the page of the section of the newspaper you are writing for. You may type right on the page, or link to a saved file. You should always save your work to source besides this wiki (ex: flashdrive, email, under your name, etc.). I would recommend attaching it as a saved file (.doc or .docx)

All students need to post constructive editing comments to at least 2 articles. Choose a subject of interest and read it. To post your comments, go to the discussion tab at the top the page of the section of newspaper you are interested in (this doesn't have to be the same section you are writing for, it could be any of them).
Post your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about their article. The purpose of these posts is to help the student improve their article. By just posting, "good job!" or "this is terrible", they are not going to be helped, and you will not receive credit for your post. Mrs. Newland has final say over what is a legite editing post.

Students are encouraged to respond to any posts that have to do with their article, as well as edit their original article. You are required to respond to at least 1 peer editing comment.

Check it out!
A sample article is under the news section. Sample posts and replies are there as well.

Remember these tips for effective newspaper writing from Muscatine Journal editor Chris Steinbach:
1. Lede- your first sentence- grabs the reader's attention, is short and to the point

2. Nutgraph- a summary of what the article is about, contains the who, what, where, when, why, and how (if you read nothing else but this paragraph, you would know what the article is about). The nutgraph should be somewhere in the 1st 4-5 paragraphs.

3. Quotes- put a good quote (with the person's name spelled correctly!) in the 1st 4 or 5 paragraphs, as well as another one near the end of the article, build towards the quote at the end.

4. Strong ending- don't just stop when you are out of facts, have a concluding quote, sentence, or paragraph.

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